There are many places that you can stay in: a luxury hotel, a B&B, or a farmhouse. However, there is nothing quite like staying in a castle hotel. Imagine sleeping in a castle, waking up to a wonderful view, and experience, even if it is just for a day or two, what it’s like to live like a royalty.

Some castle hotels have been visited by or have been the former residences of Kings and Queens. Others have been there for centuries. There are castles that are located in the countryside, among tranquil mountains and woodlands, or by the lake or the sea; while others are located fairly close to the city. Some castle hotels have kept the original features intact; while others are blended with modern aesthetics. Whichever you choose, staying in a castle lets you treasure an unforgettable experience.

Castles are the stuff of romance and fairytales. Living in it is a dream come true, a childhood fantasy turned into reality. Here are some reasons why you should consider staying in a castle hotel on your next vacation:

  1. It transports you back in time.

Many castle hotels have stayed true to the original design and features of the castle. Some castles have been left untouched for centuries. Staying in these castles transports you back through the centuries.

It lets you have a glimpse of the past and experience what it must have been like living in a grand castle during those times. It lets you imagine living in times of ancient Kings and Queens, of knights and maidens. There’s nothing quite experiencing first-hand the ancient grandeur and old-world elegance of a centuries-old castle.

  1. It offers an experience of a lifetime.

Staying in a castle is a unique experience. Spending a day or two in a castle hotel gives you a different satisfaction and experience that beat the feeling of staying in standard hotels. Even if you stay in a luxury hotel, it still doesn’t quite capture the magical feeling of staying in a castle. A castle lets you experience all sorts of things.

Apart from their historic features and old-world grandeur, castles also let you stroll around beautifully manicured gardens and lush landscapes. Some even allow you to enjoy outdoor activities in their estate and the surrounding countryside.

  1. It gives you peace and quiet.

One of the main reasons why people stay in a castle is to just enjoy a tranquil and quiet stay. Since most castles are tucked away in the countryside, surrounded by nature, they are ideal for retreats and relaxations. See nothing but the beautiful landscapes and gardens. Hear the rustling of leaves, the wind passing through the meadow, the call of birds in the morning, the incomparable sound of nature. Simply enjoy the peace and quiet, away from the madding crowd and the bustling city life.

  1. Castle hotels are equipped with modern luxuries and amenities.

Just because a castle is centuries old does not mean that everything about it is old and traditional. Castle hotels are established with the modern guests in mind. Hence, they are equipped with modern amenities and luxuries to make your stay truly remarkable. Most castle hotels feature fully-equipped conference rooms, elegant venue spaces, gourmet restaurants, cafes, and bars, spas with swimming pools, and other amenities. Some castle hotels even have golf courses.

  1. Castles are naturally romantic.

Castles conjure up romantic images. They make you think of princesses, knights, and romantic tales from long ago. Castle hotels are perfect for romantic getaways and honeymoons. Most castle hotels also offer wedding packages. A perfect setting for a fairytale wedding, a castle hotel lets you get wed like a royal couple. Castle hotels will take care of everything, from the wedding ceremony, elegant reception, to romantic accommodation.

  1. Castles have grand design.

The castle hotel’s design alone is a reason for a visit. Many of these castles were built centuries ago, done in unique architecture that we don’t get to see in luxury hotels and modern structures. Many of these castle hotels have preserved the original design and architecture of the castle. From medieval stone castles, Gothic castles, to Victorian-era mansions, castle hotels are architectural wonders worthy of a visit.

Experience all these during your stay in a castle hotel. If you haven’t been to a castle hotel yet, now is the time to start pondering on spending a night at a castle sometime in the future. Whether it’s a romantic break, a weekend getaway, a honeymoon, or a business trip, castle hotels are an ideal choice.